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The automated comprehensive solution for pedestrian safety

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of pedestrian accidents which, with a little more caution, could have been avoided. In many cases passers-by do not pay much attention to traffic, thereby taking the risk of unsafe crossing. Even though traffic codes clearly state that at a designated place, such as crosswalk, pedestrians should get priority, this by itself does not provide a full protection – many times the opposite result is achieved. The pedestrian knows he has a right of way, so he is less careful when it comes to moving vehicles on the road.

To help solve the problem mentioned above, Pearl Enterprises Ltd. has developed the SafeCross® system Pro, which actually combines two separate systems, the SafeCross® Smart Crosswalk, and the SafeCross® Smart Sidewalk.


SAFECROSS® Smart Sidewalk operation


Consists of a number of radars, LED lights and a controller. Each radar detects vehicles approaching from the opposite lane. This detection will cause some special LED lights installed in the sidewalk in front of a crosswalk to blink. In this way the light sources signal to the pedestrian of an approaching vehicle, thus ensuring careful passage.

 The SafeCross® smart sidewalk can be installed as a stand-alone system or as part of the SafeCross® System Pro in combination with the SafeCross® smart crosswalk