The intelligent pedestrian crossing

Designated pedestrian crossings are for the purpose of allowing pedestrians to travel safely, but accidents or accident-prone situations often occur at these intersections (in Hungary, hundreds of accidents occur near pedestrian crossings every year). This controversial situation created the own-developed safety system of Pearl Enterprises Kft.: SafeCross® smart pedestrian crossing®.

The system operats in over 240 hungarian sites

Since 2016 (installation of the first system), there have been no accidents at pedestrian crossovers

equipped with SafeCross® system.

Flashing = Human

The pedestrian crossing connects you,

The SafeCross® system will save you!

At traditional pedestrian crossings without traffic light, pedestrians have a low sense of safety. Approaching the crossing point – according to the Highway Code – the pedestrian automatically has priority, but in practice it often occurs that drivers tend to forget about it. SafeCross® smart pedestrian crossing® is designed to eliminate this inattention.


The intelligent pedestrian crossing detects the pedestrian’s intention to cross before reaching the roadside and warns road users that they need to slow down soon with the glimmering lights built into the roadway from both directions. The light signal from the special device makes it possible to detect the intention of pedestrians to cross from up to 1000 meters at night, but it also helps the driver to prepare for priority in time in sunny weather.

According to measurements, where the own-developed SafeCross® system of Pearl Enterprises Kft. has already been installed, the willingness of car drivers to stop has increased from 55% to 76%.

days have passed with no reported casualties at all installation sites since the installation of the first SafeCross® system .

How does the SafeCross® system work?

1. Sensors located near the crossing point detect the pedestrian’s intention to cross.

2. The control sends a signal to the special LED lights placed in the road surface.

3. The lights glimmer continuously to indicate that a pedestrian has crossed.

4. After the pedestrian has passed safely, the lights go out.

Why is it worth converting a pedestrian crossing to a SafeCross® system?

1. SafeCross® pedestrian crossings operate fully automatically. The pedestrian does not have to indicate his/her intention to pass.

2. Any traditional crossing can be converted to a SafeCross® pedestrian crossing. The system is easy to install and maintain in a short time.

3. Construction and maintenance costs are also low. Safety LEDs can even be operated with solar energy.

4. The risk of accidents is minimized. Road markings and signs can escape the attention of drivers, but the traffic lights can be detected from 1000 meters.


„Such systems should be installed near every school. I trust that pedestrian crossings will be made more visible at our institution to protect children!”

Andrea D. – teacher, 35

„When I first heard about smart pedestrian crossing, I didn’t understand what it was all beneficial for. Ever since one was created here, I understood why it was crucial. I didn’t think the additional light source mattered that much.”

Gábor S. – retired, 68

„I have already seen this special system in England. Then I was envious why we did not have such crossings. I am glad to finally meet smart pedestrian crossings in more and more places in Hungary!”

Tamás T. – student, 24

„I fully support all initiatives like this! If I could, I would convert every pedestrian crossing in the city without a traffic light into a smart pedestrian crossing.”

Tivadar P. – shop assistant, 47