Traffic/transport technology

Safe traffic requires a system of rules that is known and accepted. This ensures that road users – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers – can reach their destination in the shortest possible time and distance, free from dangerous situations and obstacles. Of course, it cannot be reached without traffic control equipment.

Our company, Pearl Enterprises Kft., with our trained employees with decades of professional experience, is able to carry out any traffic/transport technological task – from planning to the last step of implementation.

During our work, we use quality raw materials, we examine each situation to be solved with an innovative approach and close the work processes so that our customers can use the ordered tool or service immediately.

Our traffic/transport technology services include

  • temporary traffic technological designs,
  • final traffic solutions,
  • installation of traffic counting stations,
  • installation of speed measuring and display equipment,
  • installation of awareness tools and systems,
  • installation of traffic information tools and systems.

Some of our products